Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vlog: Postmates Delivery and Round 2 of Boba Guys Review | 4-25-17

Doing some Postmates Delivery as a Walker in San Francisco, then later  headed to Boba Guys in the Mission.

Are you ready for round two of my Boba Guys review? They claim to "Serve the Highest Quality Boba in the World". That's ALOT to live up to.

 Is Boba Guys worth the hype? I head to their original store location to test out the consistency.

Sorry did not try their infamous Strawberry Matcha as their customer service was really good and honest. The cashier told me that if I prefer strong non sweet drinks, drinking the matcha strawberry drink would be like drinking soda! Thank you for your honesty!

So Instead I got their Hong Kong Style Milk Tea with their "Grade A" Boba Balls.

Watch 3:44 to go straight to my Boba Adventure. Commentary provided before and after the time stamp.

Check out Boba Guys Website:

Watch my Boba Guys Video Round 1 (Fillmore location):

Watch my First Postmates Walker video:

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