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Trailer and FAQS

Below are frequent questions I get on my older videos. Some of the questions are still relevant. For FAQS about myself or for my "Get To Know Me/Facts About Me" post please go here -->

Latest Update: I've jumped between channel names. From La Delicia de Linda to Devilishly Hungry and vice versa. Videos may appear under either of those channel names. It is one of the same. 

Q) Why do you do Mukbangs or eating shows?
Most people unfamiliar with Mukbangs, find it weird to watch people eat. Contrary to popular belief, Asians love watching and making mukbangs not because they are lonely but because of the joy derived from seeing food itself. 

I personally do Mukbangs or eating shows for the very reasons the below video states why Koreans love mukbangs.

This video from MyKoreanHusband explains perfectly why Asians love Mukbangs. 

Key Points

  • Mukbang means "Food/Eating Broadcast"
  • Mukbang is a "eating show"
  • Mukbangs are not about binge eating or eating high calorie food
  • Mukbangs are simply just filming/videos of yourself eating
  • You don't need to talk in mukbangs, in fact, "Mukbang artists" just eat, sometimes with loud eating sounds, in which case that would be ASMR Mukbang
  • In Asian Culture, unlike in Western Culture, watching  someone eat gives a sense of "you are eating the food yourself", a form of imagery or visualization. This often comes from parents finding joy in feeding their children and watching them enjoy their food
  • Talking excessively in mukbangs tend to be common from a Western paradigm, specifically the idea that watching someone just eat might be a bit boring.

SAS-ASMR (a great ASMR mukbanger) made a comment that highlighted a common question I get asked so I thought why not  make a FAQs section  under this post.

Q) Why did you wear a wig, or wear sunglasses or sport lots of makeup in some of your videos?
Basically I put on a wig and put on lots of makeup in my past videos, because I wanted to remain somewhat low key. I have showed my face in many of my videos due to the fact that people seem to prefer that I appear "undisguised". But I do want to separate my youtube life from my real life for privacy reasons so I may go back and forth between the two.

Q) Your instagram link does not work...
A) I've changed my channel name and as such changed the url for my instagram as well. The new instagram link is: Instagram:

or follow me on instagram @devilishlyhungry

Q) Why do you use different styles, including some  uncommon in mukbangs?
I love experimenting and thus I am always trying to tweek my videos here and there with whatever limited options I have on Windows Movie Maker. I havent found a style I like to stick to. Usually, my videos are edited depending on mood and time availability. I am often  very busy so my edits may reflect how busy I am. Sometimes I just make shorter more montage like videos because that is what I like to watch. I have a short attention span so I find it hard to make full length Mukbangs sometimes.u

Q) Why are you doing ASMR Mukbangs and what is it?

Some  people think you need to be a ASMR community member to make ASMR videos. I dont believe in hard and fast, one size fits all rules. First let me introduce to you the concept of ASMRS. This is a copy and paste of my definition. But for a more solid explanation feel free to check out Wikipedia (Note that Wiki can be modified by anyone so accuracy is  not certain):

๐ŸœWhat is ASMR and Why am I Whispering?๐Ÿœ
ASMR Stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response".
ASMR is a euphoric and tranquil sensation triggered by auditory or visual
stimuli. The sensation is characterized by a tingling, and calming sensation.
Often beginning on the scalp and moving down along the nerves of the neck
and upper back.
Certain sounds and visuals can trigger this sensation, producing endorphins that
help people feel relaxed, happy and at peace. Common triggers can be tapping,
whispering and eating sounds.
Many people watch/listen to ASMR to help them sleep or destress.
Everyone has their own unique ASMR Triggers. Hopefully you will find one that gives you all those good ASMR sensations. 
To answer the question, I am starting to make ASMR videos because I was inspired by SAS-ASMR.
She makes "clean" and fun ASMR food sound videos. Originally I was reluctant to try it because some people may  misinterpret ASMR as a fetish. ASMR is only a fetish if the host intentionally sexualizes his or her videos. I DO NOT MAKE fetishized videos. As a mukbang host, my goal is to make videos that help people. There are  many ways mukbang, particularly ASMR mukbangs help people.

For an example, as I mentioned in my interview with Fusion, I have had viewers tell me privately how my videos helped them overcome food addiction. Many viewers find, Mukbangs allows them to re experience the taste of food without actually eating anything. As such, contrary to popular belief, a lot of  my viewers find Mukbangs can help their curb appetite. The same also goes on the opposite spectrum. There are anorexics who watch mukbangs to make them crave food. This is more common but  not exclusive. So often, I use tags like hungry or munchies, because as we all know, watching food videos aka food porn (not real porn, get your head outta that gutter), can make you hungry.

An added benefit of making ASMR specific mukbangs  is that the sounds of chewing and the food can trigger relaxation. May sound odd and unbelievable to some but try watching some "Relaxing" asmr sometimes. Common relaxing sounds in mukbang ASMR food is the sound of noodles being moved around in soup, water splashing, tapping, etc.

Q) Are you Vegan? Or have a food allergy?
I'm not Vegan but in my early days I was experimenting with vegan meals. I don't have a food allergy but I am trying to eat more whole foods. I believe nutrition science is not definitive yet. Due to different genetic makeup and lifestyles, I do not believe in a one size fits all paradigm. If you look at pubmed, the online medical literature database, you can find research studies for a variety of diets. Some people do better on more plant based, others feel better on ketogenic diets, others require balance meals... I don't like giving yes or no answers. The world is not binary and has lots of grey areas. Meaning there are too many confounding variables and factors to really give a definitive conclusion. So although some of my videos appear to be "health" foods, everyone reacts differently to certain foods and lifestyle, so always consult with your doctor or health care professional. I in no way claim to be a expert. As a disclaimer, you should always discuss your concerns with a licensed health care professional.

As of 3/2/17 I am still fiddling around with food and find Stephan Guyenet's research and perspective on diets very compelling. As a result I've reduced most of my food to mainly Whole Foods. Because I'm still figuring out what does or does not work for me and my health, I don't feel I follow a particular diet but do consider myself a conscious and intuitive eater. Sorry if this is long but you may have noticed my food uploads have been simplified more and are less frequent. As I continue my healthcare journey, I find eating "bland" or simple foods to be more my style of eating. I'm pretty sure what I eat is not very appealing. But I'm going to continue this route. Feel free to join or unfollow. 

Q) You said you will no longer update blogger... why are you still updating?
When I have more spare time, I do updates on my Blogger and Tumblr. Otherwise I skip it. To be in the loop, follow me on Instagram @linderlam. I am more active there.

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