Thursday, January 26, 2017

ASMR MUKBANG #2 | Kimchi Fried Rice from Manna Restaurant

Today we are having Kimchee fried rice from Manna Restaurant in San Francisco. I ate the first half the previous day so this is left overs. I've included french green beans and a fried egg. The full order had a sunny side up egg but I ate that the previous day.

✨ Headphones are reccomended for full ASMR experience. ✨

📷Note that end video shows old Instagram account name. You can now follow me on Instagram @devilishlyhungry

I do apologize if the mic is not picking up the eating sounds. Anyone have a suggestion on what mic to get for ASMR videos?

Thank you for watching!

🍜What is ASMR and Why am I Whispering?🍜

ASMR Stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response".

ASMR is a euphoric and tranquil sensation triggered by auditory or visual

stimuli. The sensation is characterized by a tingling, and calming sensation.

Often beginning on the scalp and moving down along the nerves of the neck

and upper back.

Certain sounds and visuals can trigger this sensation, producing endorphins that

help people feel relaxed, happy and at peace. Common triggers can be tapping,

whispering and eating sounds.

Many people watch/listen to ASMR to help them sleep or destress.

Everyone has their own unique ASMR Triggers. Hopefully you will find one that gives you all those good ASMR sensations.


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