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April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black 2.0 Review Updated Review on April...

The April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 in black claims to give the Korean glow in a semi-matte and full coverage formulation. But does it do what it claims to do? Plus an updated review on the April Skin Fixing Foundation Cushion review (pink).

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The April Skin line is famous for introducing their black cushion foundation, which claims to brighten the skin and make you look like you have that Korean Hallyu Star glow. Their original black cushion foundation immediately made me their convert, and I must say, the 2.0 has all the benefits of the original in a fancier packaging.

Compared to the white label, the black claims to be higher coverage and more mattifying. I find that the black has a decent coverage for a cushion compact but definitely not full coverage. Which is okay because I still want my skin to show through. As for the matte claim, I find it neither matte nor "Korean" dewy. Which is perfect for all skin types and definitely still works well on dry aging skin.

One of my biggest qualms with Korean cosmetics is the strong perfume smell, but luckily AprilSkin's cushion foundation has almost no scent. Perfect for sensitive skin and people prone to migraines. This is absolutely important to me!

A upgrade AprilSkin made on their black cushion foundation is the way they make their sponge in the stored casing. The previous Black cushion had a dome shape to prevent moisture loss but it made the compact bulkier than needed. Now the sponge has the foundation sandwiched in between. Making it more hygienic compared to other cushion foundations.

The black transfers less than the pink fixing foundation. I wouldnt even bother buying the Pink fixing foundation if I were you. The Black does everything the pink does and even better than the original black and fixing foundation.

Something to keep in mind when purchasing AprilSkin products on ebay or Amazon is to make sure the box has a hologram sticker. That is their authenticity sticker.

💲Price currently retails between 33 US dollars - 26 US dollars.

April Skin has a limited shade selection, ranging only the 3 lightest shades. I am currently using #21. Be warned though I am under yellow lighting so color match may not be accurate.

I did found out though through embarrassment that the PINK Fixing Foundation combined with their Pink color corrector, made my face look paper white. I am not sure how this happened as I made sure to sheer out the foundation. I think it has to largely to do with my grey undertone and the fact April Skin runs on a neutral undertone. Thus Grey on Grey = white. (To the person whose wedding I went to... soooo sorry! I didnt realize how white I looked. :()

I tried looking for the ingredients list for the Black 2.0 cushion foundation but I must have missed it because I don't see it on the site anymore. I do recall though that fragrance is on the bottom of the ingredients list and there is many moisturizing ingredients in this compact.

Overall I give the Black 2.0 foundation a 4/5 stars. ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️One star marked off for limited shade selection.

As for the Pink Fixing Foundation. I am changing my review from 4/5 stars to 3...I was just so horrified how unnaturally white I look like but maybe this foundation would work better on someone with more color to their undertone.

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