Friday, November 25, 2016

Salvadorian Food at La Santaneca | PUPUSAS! | Friendsgiving | Foodie Fri...

In this video, Maria explains a little bit about the Salvadorian food on our table. My friends from High School and I meet up for a lunch reunion at a restaurant called La Santaneca.

La Santaneca is a Salvadorian and Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco. They have two locations along Mission street. The one my friends and I went to is located in the Bernal Heights district.

This restaurant was highly recommended by my Salvadorian co-worker for their authentic Pupusas.


3781 Mission St

San Francisco, CA 94110

Their yelp page can be found here:

Note: My friend Mariar is doing her best explaining the food but she has noted that because she is Honduran and not Salvadorian, there might be some inconsistencies with what she knows about Salvadorian food. Nonetheless she did a great job explaining! Give her a big thumbs up!

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