Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mac & Cheese + Cheese Tart MUKBANG | Cheese Extravanga | Chat: Hacksaw R...

Let's eat! Today I am enjoying Beecher's "World's Best" Mac & Cheese and a Cheese Tart from TJ Cups. For my beverage I have super concentrated matcha green tea with almond milk.

This is a Cheese Extravaganza Mukbang! Yum! Bon Appétit !

Mukbang begins 2:17

🔶Chat Topics:🔶

1) Door Dash and Postmates (To see Karen's video on Door Dash go  here: 8:12

2) Thanksgiving 11:31

3) Hacksaw Ridge movie and a discussion of Desmond Doss' bravery, strength, and valor. Check out Hacksaw Ridge 12:15  :

Learn more about Desmond Doss' heroic story:

4) Closing thoughts

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