Wednesday, October 19, 2016

❤️THANK YOU Mysterious Donators for Donating Via Fan Funding | Snapchat ...

Thank you mystery donators for supporting this channel. This is a quick video, giving a warm thank you to those of you who donated to this channel (La Delicia De Linda). Your contribution helps ensure, I can continue to make great content. BUT more importantly, I want to show my sincere gratitude for my fans and viewers who continue to support me. Without you guys and gals, this channel would not exist.

Your donation helps me in many ways. On my youtube journey and some of you also know I am struggling with chronic nerve pain. So any kind of support, from sharing my videos or just watching my videos, help me overcome my struggle and obstacles.

I 100% love all my viewers. My sincerest gratitude.

I don't know who donated but Thank you again! ❤️🙌😊


P.s I apologize for my bare face. I didn't put on makeup because I was so grateful for whoever donated. I wanted to say thank you asap!

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I activated Fan funding! If you like, feel free to support this channel by going to my channel page and clicking the $upport button. Thanks everyone ^_^

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