Friday, October 21, 2016

Popeyes' Mukbang | Asian Girl Tries Popeyes for the First Time | $4 Wick...

Let's eat with Linda! Today on Foodie Fridays, I am trying out Popeyes' Chicken for the first time! (Yes I am so late to the game.) For this mukbang I tried out their $4 Wicked Good Deal, which comes with chicken breast strips and two sides. Sasha4president highly suggested the red beans and rice and LennyStepbyStep mentioned in his mukbang that the biscuits were sooo good.

The verdict? Totally agree with the sentiment that Popeyes makes damn good biscuits. The red beans and rice was hands down my most favorite part of the meal surprisingly. I know their chicken is highly well rated but I still think for chicken, my personal preference is KFC. Overall I agree with the general consensus that KFC is more ubiquitous than Popeyes. Which is a shame since, Popeyes has great potential to rival the Colonel. Wish I had a Popeyes closer to me.

(Note: This video is a bit choppy but don't worry you didn't miss out much of the context.)


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