Monday, October 31, 2016

MUKBANG - Asian American Girl Tries VEGEMITE for the First Time | Weird ...

Chinese American girl tries Vegemite for the first time. Today I'm trying out a "weird" Australian Food product called VEGEMITE. If you have seen the Buzzfeed videos, this is a food product that is supposedly an acquired taste. This food spread is similar to Marmite and is listed as a "Yeast Extract". I was told that Australians eat it on toast. Supposedly, the proper way is to spread vegemite on top of toast/sandwich bread with some butter.

I'm trying this out two ways. On untoasted white sandwich bread and then later on toasted white bread. I also switch the order I spread the butter and vegemite.

The first time I went heavy on the vegemite. The second time, I knew better and put a thin layer. I believe a thin layer is usually suggested.

Hope you guys enjoy my first impressions, and review of Vegemite. This is for fun!

I think overall, Vegemite is a very tasty spread if used sparingly on toast. But I can see how some people might find the smell and taste pungent and strong. It is very reminiscent of very strong and concentrated soy sauce flavored ramen packets.

Let me know if there is a specific way you eat vegemite? Thank you for watching!

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