Monday, October 3, 2016

BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream Review | SPF 30 | K-Beauty | Shining BB

BRTC Korean brand, bb cream review. Great for dry or wrinkle prone skin. This one is called Jasmine Water BB Cream, with a text that says "Shining BB". Comes in a 35 gram squeeze tube to help prevent oxidation and minimize bacteria contamination. Some reviews I've seen state that this is suppose to be an auto adjusting BB cream. Similar to a CC cream but more coverage. I have a neutral pale undertone, so after blending this into my skin, the pink light shade did end up matching my skin a little. Not sure of the shade, as this was given to me in my UBI Beauty order.

This product has a SPF 30, which makes me feel the spf ingredient might be a mineral ingredient like zinc. Mineral sunscreen or sun protection is preferred for those with sensitive skin.

From what I could find of the ingredients, most of the active and natural ingredients are pretty safe. This does use phenoxyethanol as a preserving agent, meaning this is paraben free.

Finish is semi dewy, and very moisturizing.

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Retails around $35 dollars

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