Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tips on How to Save $ Money! | Life Hacks | Get out the door in the morn...

Money saving tips, plus a bit of an overview on what are flexible and inflexible expenses. Towards the later half I cover 3 life hacks. This video holds incredibly important information for people who want save their time and money so they can focus more of their energy on what is really meaningful to them.

I go over 3 life hacks. The one that will be most useful for the insomniac or busy person will be the very last one. How to shorten your morning routine.

The basics necessities are brushing teeth, washing face and moisturizing right? By using xylitol gum such as Spry, you can "brush" your teeth while, dressing or doing whatever you need to get out the door. As for washing your face. Face wipes or micellar water is a miracle. These will clean your face on the go, just wipe face and go out. If you need moisturizing, bring with you some lotion you can carry out with you. Apply on bus or once you arrive to work. This is a life saver for insomniacs like me who need more sleep. By doing the above, I can get out the door in 5 minutes.

Life Hacks covered:

-Deodorizing Shoes

-Shorten Morning Routine AKA Getting out the door in 5 minutes of less (Last secction of video)

-Tip to revive clumpy mascara

Spry Gum:

Micellar water wipes:

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